We don’t have bartenders. We have mixologists.

At The Edison, crafting the perfect cocktail is our art and culture — and an important aspect of any culture is that it’s shared. Follow your tastebuds and join us on a journey of fresh flavors and handmade delights with our Shaken & Stirred cocktail classes and Mixology sunset dinner series.

Shaken and Stirred: Cocktail Classes

Cocktail Culture
Cocktail Culture

Bliss is a well-made cocktail.

That first sip of a craft cocktail? Perfection. The snap-crackle-clink of ice in a tumbler. The light spray of an orange twist. The delicate, aromatic tango of fresh herbs, spirits and cordials. Night after night at The Edison, we create impeccable moments, one cocktail at a time.

Now, with our exclusive Shaken & Stirred cocktail classes, you’ll learn the skills to create those moments of bliss all on your own. This hands-on opportunity will pair you with one of our master mixologists, who will distill their best techniques, tips and tools—just for you.

After class with us, your cocktail game will never be the same.

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The details

Explore mixology basics, hone the perfect recipe for your favorite classics, or discover crucial tools and techniques for the home bartender. They sky is the limit: Our mixologist will create a class tailored to your group’s interests and skills for a truly personal experience.

Mixology requires both attention and artistry; as such, classes are best enjoyed in small groups. Lessons include a light lunch and 2-3 cocktails.

  • Group size limited to 6-10 guests.
  • Class begins at 1 p.m. Plan for 2-2.5 hours.
  • 72 hours advance notice is required.
  • Classes are priced at $100++ per guest. Price may increase depending on topic or level of spirit. 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Mixology Series

You complete me: delicious pairings

Here, creating beverages goes beyond a simple blending of ingredients. And what’s the perfect match for a flawlessly crafted cocktail? Something equally mouthwatering beside it to nosh on. The Edison’s Mixology series proves that good things come in pairs.

Each month, our talented mixologists join three delectable dinner courses with three specially curated cocktails. You’ll dine and drink amid breathtaking views of Disney Springs at sunset on our outdoor patio.

What is Mixology? A feast for the palate, the eyes, and the soul.

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